Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vanessa Hudgens Showing Of Her New Summer Haircolor!

Two co-stars of Spring Breakers, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson, were showing off some interesting new hair colors. The latest images surfaced on Facebook just yesterday, but it doesn't appear the wild changes will be permanent!

Lately, Miss Hudgens has been partying in a bikini as part of her "work" for the new action-packed "chick flick" movie coming out in 2013. She and Ashley are filming along with Selena Gomez in Florida for the film about some girls on Spring break gone wild. For her role as "Candy," Hudgens revealed blonde hair not long ago, but let her fans know it wasn't real. On Saturday, Hudgens posted several pics on her Facebook with the status update:

"It's a wig party with the benz Ashley Benson"

The four pictures show Vanessa Hudgens with bright pink hair, and Ashley Benson wearing dark red hair. One photo shows Vanessa by herself sticking out her tongue and giving the peace sign. Two other photos have Vanessa and Ashley posing next to one another, while the fourth has them with an unidentified guy in a wig. There's no sign of Selena Gomez in the shots.

It appears that Ashley Benson gets along with both Vanessa and Selena, but the latter two aren't seen hanging out much. That's a shame as they both gained success from Disney Channel shows or movies. Maybe they just don't like each other due to the fact they have that in common?

As for Vanessa, this is yet another new hairstyle she's shown off in the past several weeks. The world has seen her with blonde hair for the movie, and now pink hair. Both of those looks came courtesy of wigs. She also snapped back to reality in NYC with her boyfriend with her real, darker hair. When it comes down to it, the real Vanessa Hudgens is the one everyone loves, with her boyfriend most likely among those who prefer the look!

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