Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is Selena Gomez Suffering From Exhaustion? Check Out This Video!

It’s been a hectic year for Selena Gomez with movies coming out, albums being released and of course- her on-and-off again relationship with Justin Bieber. And by the look of things, it seems like her over filled schedule has finally caught up with her. 

Last week the beautiful brunette headed to New York to perform on Good Morning America but her arrival was anything but pretty. When she arrived to her hotel and stepped out of her cab, Selena simply fell to the ground, evidently worn out. A member of her crew quickly helped the star up on her feet again and Selena then hurried in to the hotel whilst covering her face behind her hair and large sunglasses with a hoody pulled over her head so she was barely visible. She only made a quick stop to apologize to the fans that were waiting outside, "I'm sorry I'm just so tired," Selena said then rushed of. 

The Sun published a video of the entire event, check it out bellow! 

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