Friday, September 6, 2013

Taylor Swift & Hailee Steinfeld Turned Away From LA Popular Restaurant

She is an award-winning singer, and her lunch date one of the brightest young actresses of her generation.
But in LA their combined star power allegedly wasn't sufficient to get them a seat at one of Los Angele's popular restaurants.
Taylor Swift and pal Hailee Steinfield, 16, were reportedly turned away from popular Venice spot Gjelina after the restaurant was too busy to accomodate them.

One might have thought that the restaurant may have made an exception for the talented twosome but it seems that celebrity status is no guarantee to getting through the door.
Gjelinas is a popular restaurant, and was recently visited by Jay Z when in was in the city, and if a reservation isn't booked in advance, there is usually a waiting time of an hour or more.
Perhaps Hailee and Taylor were not keen on waiting around, especially as the teenage actress is still not old enough to get a pre-dinner cocktail.

Taylor has been enjoying some downtime after performing to thousands of fans on her Red tour. She has been seen out and about in Los Angeles before she gets back on the road on Friday.
The singer enjoying a few days break from touring the country, before hitting the road again on Friday.

Taylor has had a busy couple of weeks as she continues to jet round the States for her Red tour, which has so far seen the I Knew You Were Trouble star perform over 50 dates for her adoring fans.
Popular: Busy Venice restaurant Gjelina couldn't accommodate Taylor Swift and friend Hailee without a reservation
Popular: Busy Venice restaurant Gjelina 
The star hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons last month though when she was caught mouthing an insult at the MTV Video Music Awards whilst her ex boyfriend Harry Styles took to the stage.
She was caught on camera saying 'shut the f***' as she sat next to her best pal Selena Gomez as Harry and One Direction were on stage presenting an award.
Taylor’s friend, and Red touring partner, Ed Sheeran has come out to defend the singer though, insisting the jibe wasn’t aimed at Harry.
According to Cosmopolitan magazine, at a recent press conference Ed insisted Taylor was directing the remark at Selena after she expressed doubt at her ability to pick up a prize at the ceremony.
He said: 'Selena said, "I think Miley's gonna win [over me]". And Taylor was like, "Shut the f*** up!" That's all that was!'
And the 23-year-old star apparently knew her comments would be misinterpreted to be directed at Harry.
Ed added: 'Taylor was like, "I think I messed up."'

Via (Daily Mail)

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