Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Was Heidi Klum a "Goth Girl" Back in the Day? See the Pic!

Talk about a transformation.
Heidi Klum took to Twitter on Sunday to post this photo of herself that was almost unrecognizable!
With an all-caps caption, "I AM NINE," the supermodel also seemed shock at how different she looked back then.
We see a completely a different side of the sun-kissed blond Project Runway host in this snapshot of her as a young girl with pale skin, dark lipstick, and hair dyed half-green, half-red.

Apparently the 40-year-old likes being in disguise.
Just a few weeks ago, she shared another unrecognizable pic of herself under a thick layer of molding clay on Instagram, captioned, "Started working on my Halloween costume!"
No surprise there, we know how the model mom loves the haunted holiday.

The former Victoria's Secret Angel must have been too excited when "dead people" were included in her new commercial for Jordache, a classic denim brand that she has worked with four times. 
In the ad, the cover girl leads a pack of eccentric followers including kids, suburban mothers, cheerleaders, and you guessed it—zombies.
Oh, how we love glamour gals with a big of edge.

(via eonline)

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