Saturday, August 10, 2013

Taylor Swift Doesn't Want JB To Spoil Her Friendship With Selena Gomez!

It’s no secret Taylor Swift doesn't approve the on-and off-again relationship between her best friend Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Although she rather sees Selena without Justin, Taylor is biting her tongue for now to maintain her friendship with Selena, a source tells 

She’s not saying anything to Selena at the moment about Justin,” the source reveals. “Taylor knows that Selena knows“ how she feels, so it’s not worth wasting her breath.” The source continues, “She still thinks he’s [not right for Selena], but it’s not her place to alienate a friend.” However, Taylor has no plans of hanging out with Justin in the near future. She even skipped her best friend’s 21st Birthday Party to avoid running into him. Taylor intended to fly into Los Angeles for Selena’s birthday, but decided against it because of Justin. “She’s not going to want to be there if Justin is there, it’s so awkward between them now”, the source explains.

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