Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Katy Perry posts second teaser video for new single

Katy Perry is throwing a funeral for her "California Dreams" tour.  In the days leading up to the release of her new single "Roar," the singer has posted a second teaser video to give fans a taste of what's next. 

In the latest, Katy is shown among a group of mourners gathered around a bubblegum pink-colored casket, decorated with spinning candy cane wheels - a reference to the themes of her hugely successful 2010 album "Teenage Dream." 

When the camera pans to Katy, she removes her black shades and flashes the camera a smirk. 

The new teaser comes on the heels of the another, in which Katy lights fire to the blug wig she was known for wearing onstage throughout the tour.  Perry's new single will premiere on August 12th, with the new album, Prism, set to drop in October. 
(Via iheartradio)

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