Friday, August 2, 2013

12th Doctor Going To Be Revealed on Sunday

Normally Doctor Who TV is wary of writing up”big announcements”, especially when there has been a string of rumours lately that have amounted to nothing. However, it’s finally happening!

Press sources have leaked that the BBC will finally announce the 12th Doctor this weekend.

A special programme on will air this Sunday 4 August at 7pm on BBC1 entitled Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor. A deliberate disposable repeat of Celebrity Mastermind is currently listed in the timeslot.

The show is going to be filmed in front of a live studio audience with Zoe Ball unveiling the next Doctor. The show will also feature interviews with past Doctors and companions.

Interestingly, this week saw Peter Capaldi inexplicably leap to the top of the bookies lists. Is this because he’s won the role? We’ll find out soon enough.

The BBC are expected to officially confirm the programme at midnight.


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