Saturday, July 6, 2013

Taylor Swift Has Put Up Hilarious No Trespassing Signs At Her House!

Well, Taylor Swift has never been one to be shy about how she feels!
And she sure might have thrown all shyness out the window of her brand new home.
It is being rumored that Mizz Swift posted some no trespassing signs at her new Rhode Island home that apparently don't at all keep her high-profile identity hidden no matter how much privacy she's been wanting.

Swifty has apparently posted the signs that reference her hit song Trouble in order to encourage strangers to keep their distance, in a clever, possibly snarky way!
The signs reportedly read:

"I knew you were trouble when you walked in. NO TRESPASSING."
Okay, okay, that's pretty damn funny!

Some people might be a little offended, but c'mon, it's coming from Swifty!
Considering she's the girl who writes about alllll her exes, it's no big surprise she'd pull this little joke referencing her own music.
Ch-ch-check out the rumored signs (below)!

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