Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sun's Out, Hair Up!

Summer is in full swing -- this the season for picnics in the park, day trips to the beach and roasting marshmallows at evening bonfires. It’s also the season of extreme temps that threaten your tresses. Frizz, sun damage and sweat can ruin even the best hair days. But don’t throw in the beach towel just yet! Instead of fighting summer hair woes, beat the heat before it strikes (and avoid the hair-on-neck situation) with pretty updos. From buns to braids, there’s an updo for every occasion.

Fishtail Pony

Fishtail braids are the perfect way to stay on trend in the summer months. To get Blake Lively’s texturized look, don’t brush your hair before styling. For a sleek look, brush out hair and add a dime-sized amount of shine serum. Start with a ponytail. For shorter hair, lower the pony until you have enough to rest about three inches on your shoulder. Separate the pony into two equal sections. Then, take a small section from underneath the right side and pass it up and over to the left side. Let the small section go so it becomes part of the left section. Do the same for the left side by taking a new small section from underneath and passing it up and over to the right side. Continue switching sides and passing small sections of hair across each section until you have a small amount of hair left. Secure with a clear elastic. For a big, undone braid, gently pull apart random loops until they hang loosely.

Low Side-Pony

This easy 'do is glamorous enough for special events but understated enough for summer weekend barbecues. Create a 2-3 inch side part and comb the rest of your hair back. Gather hair to one shoulder and secure with an elastic behind one ear. Leave bangs and short face framing pieces out. Use beach spray for textured waves, or curl just the ends for soft coils, like Carrie Underwood.

My Personal Favorite The Wrapped Pony
Boost your regular pony with a sophisticated addition. To get Jessica Chastain’s voluminous look, brush all of your hair back and tease the top. Next, gather your hair to the middle back of your head. Holding your hair there with one hand, use your other to pull out a 1-inch section from the bottom of the pony. If your hair is thin, pull out a larger section. Leave the section resting down as you secure the rest of your hair with an elastic. Then, take the left out section and bring it up vertically. Wrap the section around the elastic until there is a tiny bit remaining. Use a bobby pin to secure the remaining bit into the wrap. Use additional pins to secure the wrapped hair.

Braided Pony

Goodbye, boring ponytails! Gain style inspiration from Jennifer Morrison to create a look-at-me updo that’s great for a formal event or a big day at the office. Start with a deep side-part and section off a small amount of hair in the top layer towards your face. Begin tightly French braiding where the part begins, and slowly add sections from hair around your face on the left side. Once you reach your ear, stop adding pieces and finish the braid. Secure with a clear elastic. Leave the braid out and brush the rest of your hair into a ponytail. Secure with an elastic. Bring the braid back to the ponytail and wrap the braid once. Secure with bobby pins that go through the braid and secure it to your head. Wrap the rest of the braid until the end of the braid is left. Tuck the end under a layer of the braid and secure with pins. Finish with hairspray to prevent flyaways.


Get away from the everyday ballerina bun and shift to a side-bun. They take two minutes to create and are perfect for second-day hair. Start with a side-part. If you have side-swept bangs, your bun should rest on the same side as your bangs. Gather your hair right behind your earlobe and secure with an elastic. If your hair is thin, backcomb your ponytail to fill it out. Then, loosely wrap the pony around the elastic once. Secure with bobby pins. Continue wrapping and securing until the whole pony is wrapped. For thicker hair, use large bobby pins to hold the bun in place. Finish with hairspray.

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