Monday, July 29, 2013

Multipurpose Hair & Artist Pastels

Have you always wanted a fun, crazy hair color like all the celebs like Katy Perry ,but  just for one day? 

Sometimes you want to cut loose, but then have the reality that pink hair might not go over so well with your parents or it just won’t fit. Well Never fear! We have the solution for you. Hair pastels! Draw on some colored streaks or dip-dyed ends for a night out with the girls on the dance floor. Easy to use and perfect for those spontaneous moments, here is a commitment-free way to add splashes of color to your hair.

Then you can have your hair the way you want for school and then just wash it off so you can stay with all the hair trends like you friends or just like the celebs!You’ll have your  friends saying wow every new day! You can get it with: Multipurpose Hair & Artist Pastels by Smart

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