Monday, June 24, 2013

Oh No! National Zoo's Red Panda is Missing

The National Zoo let the world know via Twitter this morning that Rusty, a male red panda, has been missing and was last seen at 6PM ET on Sunday. According to the zoo, red pandas are "arboreal, territorial animals," so the odds that Rusty would wander far from his home would be odd. Animal care staff have been searching trees around the zoo since 8AM this morning. They theorize that he may be sick and hiding, or - worse - someone could have taken him.

Update 2:59PM: Rusty was spotted in the D.C. neighborhood of Adams Morgan around 1:30PM and has been rescued by the National Zoo! Thank goodness this story ended happily.I don't now about you but i'm soo happy rusty is found 

Video of Rusty Below:

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