Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kristin Stewart Eating At Hooters!

Kristen Stewart fans got to meet and take pictures with the actress at a Hooter’s restaurant in Amarillo, Texas over the weekend.! News reports a source said, “She was trying not to be noticed, so she sat with her back to the restaurant. When she was eating, a guy asked her if she was Kristen Stewart. She said, ‘Yes.’ When the guy asked her if he could take a photo, she asked if she could take it after her meal.”
She apparently was eating Dayton chicken wings and a beer.
Later on she followed up on her promise and went outside to a group of fans to take photos with them. She also asked them not to post photos on social media.
“She was really nice,” says the source, adding that the 23-year-old star “smiled and said bye before she left.”
Another person on Twitter said Stewart was in town to see Cadillac Ranch – a public art installation that features old Cadillac cars. Whatever the case– it’s nice to see Kristen smiling!

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