Monday, June 17, 2013

Katy Perry Lands Her First 'Vogue' Cover

Those, like us, with eyeballs squarely locked on her Twitter feed know will know that KP launched her brand spankin' new Instagram account this a couple days ago. And what special snap did she use to kick it off? A teaser for her VERY FIRST VOGUE COVER! *hyperventilates trying to imprint the historical moment forever* That's right, ladies and germs. Our girl Katy is officially a Vogue cover girl.

Look, we know the killer queen has found her way inside the Vogue Italia pages before and even graced the front of the 2012 May issue of Teen Vogue in all her Marge Simpson blue-haired glory, but to be on the cover of the OG, American Vogue? To receive the fashion editorial version of a kiss on the forehead from Anna Wintour? That's extra special. Plus, look at the STYLING for this thing!

Don't get us wrong, we love KP's ability to commit to a theme, but that just makes those moments when she gives us "Subtle Katy" that much sweeter. We love her Homage to Snow White™ with that porcelain skin, minimal eye makeup, rich matte red lips, and shiny black hair with the slightest wave, but that lush rose embroidered Rodarte dress and the vivid green nature of her woodland backdrop take the look over the edge. Girl looks positively drop-dead, and we have nothing but praise for this cover. CONGRATS, KATY!!

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