Sunday, June 2, 2013

1# Hot Read Sky on Fire By Emmy Laybourne Review

This is a Teen fiction novel is about the second half of the other book MONUMENT 14 it.The following may CONTAIN A MINER SPOILER.Only twelve days have passed since the apocalyptic hailstorm and earthquake that devastated Monument, Colorado. While other parts of the country were experiencing their own horrific events, Monument and the surrounding area was hit by not only what mother nature handed out, but also by a man-made disaster when a crippling warfare compound was leaked from the nearby NORAD facility.

Fourteen children were stranded in a Greenway superstore in Monument and forced to survive on their own. Now after holding things together for just short of two weeks, the group has decided to split up. Their faithful leader Niko is taking part of the group and heading for Denver International Airport in hopes of finding family members and arriving in time to participate in the evacuation program. Dean, who has bravely written an account of their adventure so far, decides it is best to remain behind with Astrid, Chloe, and the McKinley twins. Since Dean, Astrid, and Chloe have blood type O which causes them to react violently if exposed to the compound, they hope by staying behind, the rest of the group will have a better chance of reaching the evacuation site safely.

SKY ON FIRE is the second book in the MONUMENT 14 series by Emmy Laybourne. With the fourteen kids separating into two groups, the story continues in alternating chapters narrated by Dean and his brother Alex. Dean continues to relate the adventures at the Greenway store including someone's attempt to break into the store and the arrival of a group of thugs who threaten to take over and endanger the small group of survivors.

Alex relates the events that unfold as the rest of the group boards the ravaged school bus and heads toward the airport. They must face the frightening, deserted landscape, the dangerous effects of the compounds, and a few other refugees out to get their hands on anything of value to prolong their own lives. A journey that in ordinary circumstances would take barely over an hour becomes the longest, most dangerous trip of their lives.

This book is a very good catch for those who like edging thrillers.SKY ON FIRE is an all-too-real tale of determination and survival. Fans of Laybourne's first novel MONUMENT 14 will be thrilled to rejoin the kids to learn what happens next.if you have not read the first book a suggest Clicking here to check out the first novel And CLICK HERE to check out this novel.

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