Thursday, May 30, 2013

Note to Self By Alina Simone Review

Note to Self
By: Alina Simone

A goofy, sweet coming-of-age story that captures life among all the strange trash in the modern world.

Reading Alina Simone’s novel Note to Self sometimes feels like browsing a catalog of the strange trash in this modern world. 

Simone’s funny protagonist, Anna, is suspicious, jumpy, and self-critical. She thinks she’ll get fired from her office job for time theft, fixates on Craigslist ads for fetish parties, and parrots life-coach jargon about goals and wishes. A period of unemployment throws her into a tailspin, so she jumps into a cultish art collective under the impression that it will give meaning to her life. 

Simone is a talented chronicler of all the crap that narcissists think is precious metal. 
She notices the absurdity in spam emails with lines like “tiny bubbles of discontent surround me because I feel as lonely as a shark in the deep blue ocean.” Anna is a case study in focus—how we lose it, how we regain it, how we lose it again—and through her, Simone explores 20-something narcissism. 

Note to Self is goofy, sweet, and all the things you want in a coming-of-age story. There’s redemption in all this quotidian depravity.
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~By Sophia

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